Foxy Lady describes Lynn Bari’s troubled early childhood, beginning in Virginia, where her family was shattered by a personal tragedy, one that caused them to quickly relocate to Massachusetts. The book goes on to trace Lynn’s entry into films, at which time her mother Marge was married to a famous Hollywood preacher. It shows, step by step, how Bari came to be pushed toward stardom by the alcoholic Marge—and dramatically illustrates the ways in which her mother later tried to subvert her every success.


The Fox Film Corporation (later, Twentieth Century-Fox) was where fourteen-year-old Lynn went to work in late 1933. Over the course of the next four years she would make unbilled appearances in more than seventy Fox films, as an extra, bit player and/or showgirl. The studio became her proving ground, surrogate home and sanctuary from the real world.

1938 saw the start of Bari’s four-year reign as the queen of Fox’s ‘B’ unit, where she went on to star in two dozen medium-budgeters, sparkling as the wide-eyed girl reporter, the romanced ingénue or the wise-cracking waitress. During this period she married agent Walter Kane, the right-hand man of billionaire Howard Hughes.

Foxy Lady, The Authorized Biography of Lynn Bari